Buying at Westbury Car Auctions

Buyer Protection

You are indemnified against any vehicle you buy at Westbury Car Auctions being stolen property or being subject to outstanding hire purchase payment. This is through payment of the compulsory Purchase Fee – see under Purchase Fee.


First time visitors to Westbury Car Auctions can often be put off bidding by the fast pace of proceedings. Please don’t be. The fast pace merely enables us to give every vehicle a chance to sell within the allotted time. The auctioneer is not your adversary and he is sufficiently experienced to recognize whether or not you wish to bid. Simply signal to him with a hand or a nod and it is highly unlikely that he will misunderstand you. Do bear in mind, however, that a legal contract is entered into once the hammer has fallen and there may be no question of your changing your mind after that point.

Purchase Fee

The purchase fee is a compulsory payment on top of the amount you successfully bid. The charges are available upon request from the office.
Payment of the purchase fee indemnifies you against any vehicle you buy at Westbury Car Auctions being stolen property, or subject to outstanding hire purchase payments. The purchase fee is not refundable.


A legal contract is entered into once the hammer has fallen. You will be asked to go immediately to the cash desk to give your name and address and pay 10% with a minimum £300 deposit; cash only. We are able to accept Debit Card payments, but not Credit Cards. The balance can be paid by Cash or Debit Card. Payment of which must be within 24 hours, and then you may take the vehicle away.

Vehicle Condition

Vehicles are sold either “As Seen” or “No Major Mechanical Defects” Vehicles sold ”As Seen” means just that; no description is implied or given and it is up to you to judge its condition and value before bidding. You should consider the mileage to be incorrect unless otherwise stated. Vehicles sold ” No Major Mechanical Defects” whereby the vendor (Not Westbury Car Auctions) is responsible for accurately describing the condition of major mechanical components. In assessing the value of one of these vehicles, take into consideration the vendor’s description, the vehicle’s age and your own observations and bodywork, tyres, accessories, etc. If a major undeclared fault is discovered you may reject the vehicle and reclaim your deposit, provided this is done within one hour of the end of the sale.

Westbury Car Auctions offers a vehicle delivery service. Please ask at the office for details.


If you are offered a car outside our premises BEWARE. Although it may seem cheap you could end up purchasing a stolen vehicle or a vehicle on Hire Purchase or a total loss which would involve you in a loss of all your money. Please notify the office immediately if you are approached.

Subject Bid/Private Treaty

If a vehicle fails to reach the reserve price in the auction hall and the highest bid is recorded, the bidder will be required to go to the Rostrum and give their name and address accompanied by a £300 deposit A Debit or Credit Card is not acceptable as a deposit (refundable if the bid is not accepted) Our staff will then negotiate on your behalf to try to secure the vehicle for you. We welcome post auction enquiries on any unsold lots and will assist in trying to negotiate the purchase of your chosen vehicle